23 February 2006


I love the vagaries of the google ads. Normally they just advertise other blogging media but they've decided in response to the Winter Skin blog below, in which I complain about how fragile my skin feels, to advertise acrylic false nails and the like. Shame I would never ever use the things. I can't stand the thought of anything stuck to my nails makes me feel queasy. No good trying to explain to me that, it's not really like that, I'm phobic about nails so I'm not entirely rational about it.

I'm also phobic about feet.

I was going to write a little tale relating to this phobia, nothing gruesome, more lightly amusing but I couldn't actually do it cos as I started to write the words I started to wince and feel icky so you will never know.


  1. Phobic about feet? How in the world do you get around then? :D

  2. I try not to think about them Kath!