28 February 2006

Daily Mail Land

Today I am mostly working in Daily Mail Land. I don't know if you've ever been there, it's a land of "real values" for "real people." Unfortunately those values based on what is being said around me seem to be of greed, pettiness and xenophobia. Strangers are to be feared, foreigners looked down on, narrow-mindedness to be celebrated.

It is grim I tell - grim.


  1. And facts conveniently ignored to make things sound worse than they really are.


  2. My wife reads the Mail. *sigh*

  3. Best place for the Daily Mail and its equivalent the Daily Express is lining the bottom of the Budgie's cage. GRRRR

  4. My wife, who is Spanish, hassled me for ages to move out of London into the countryside until we went to a party in the Hitchin area last summer. Now she never wants to leave London and I have a "I told you so" smirk. Bunch of bloody peasants.