21 February 2006

Winter Skin

Although I don't mind the winter season by this time of year it is taking its toll. I feel very tired, although the daylight hours are increasing I could quite happily take to my bed and hibernate until the FA Cup. January and February are very dull months here, we do not get enough snow or really any snow to do brighten the place up and it all looks old, grey and tired.

And my skin suffers, oh how it suffers at this time of year. It feels dry, tight and brittle no matter how well or often I moisturise it and not just my face and hands which get the most exposure to the elements but my arms and legs as well I feel like I've been dipped in egg white and left to dry. My skins seems easier to damage as well I managed to scratch my face last night with a fingernail while brushing away some hair and I don't have sharp finger nails.

Sometimes I think it is definitely better being a squirrel.


  1. Aww, poor baby! :-(


  2. i have the same thing with my skin at this time of year too, it's mainly my face that suffers worst going all dried out and blotchy :(

  3. I know just what you need!

    1. Book a flight on Virgin Atlantic flight 005 (VS 005) from Heathrow
    2. Take a nap. It is about a 10 hour flight.

    Miami is fairly nice right now. Not too hot, not cold at all. Not really the rain season. No hurricanes. Not many bugs. Blue skies. Yea, this is the good time.

  4. Yep! Knuckles cracking in the cold and then opening wider whenever you flex your fingers.And if I get a cold all the skin round the end of my nose does the "flaky" thing which is just sooo attractive!

  5. Just a few more weeks to suffer for me. I switch from winter mode sometime in march and become a ball of solar energy until october. Hang on in there!