18 February 2006

Winter Olympics

Each time the Olympics are held I become fascinated by one of the sports. Last Summer Olympics it was the dingy sailing this winter Olympics it's the luge. It's a stupidly dangerous sport, you have to be completely bobbins to do it, in fact how did the competitors start surely no one in their right mind would think, "Ooooh I think I'll give sliding down an ice track at very high on a tea tray a go?"

But I've been hooked when we were in Amsterdam we had access to Dutch, German, Eurosport and BBC coverage of the Olympics so we were able to watch a lot of it. I know how they are supposed to steer but can't imagine being able to move a muscle myself, if I was sliding down the track I would be immobilised by fear.

And it's dangerous the Italian hospitals have been busy dealing with injured competitors.

Bobbins I tell you bobbins.


  1. How do you get started in somthing as stupid as luge?

    As a young teen my rugby club sat below the dry ski slope in Norwich.
    You get started in these sports by sliding down on club beer trays when no-ones about.
    A beer tray has no steering mechanism.
    What stops you continuing in such an activity is hitting the fence at the bottom.
    I hung up my beer tray in my young teens, but congratulations to the young lady who did'nt.

  2. You went to Amsterdam and watched the TV?

    OK I admit. I go on vacation and watch the TV also. But I have never gone to Amsterdam. I go to boring places like....uhhhh...Floirda. And sometimes Mississippi. And twice to Las Vegas.

  3. Tho only thing more boring than the Olympic is the Winter sodding Olympics...

  4. Ohh I do that too... this year the curling has grabbed my attention. The last summer olympics had me screaming at the TV whilst the badminton was on... canoeing, cross-country biathlon and the list continues.

  5. I have had a go at the Luge :-) On holiday in Calgary at the Olympic Park they let you go down the bottom half of the Olympic Luge run... very crazy sport. Very hard to see where you are going....