09 January 2006

Life On Mars

Sam Tyler - "Where's my PC terminal?"

1970's Copper - "Who?"

Just watched Life On Mars on BBC1. Yay it was great, a mash up of the Sweeney with Quantum Leap and that Comic Strip Presents send up of Spender and the like. I'm a sucker for a good police procedural and this looks like it has the potential to be a classic. The mis-matched pair who will learn "to have grudging respect for each other" the quest to get home ala Quantum Leap, the natty suits, the better bits of the early seventies rock cannon and the little details to invoke the early 70's. I enjoyed the nods to the classic police series of the past, perhaps Brian Blessed will turn up in a later episode. There was wit and pathos and John Simms was excellent, he had me engaged in his character from almost the get go.


  1. But that flowery wallpaper in his bedsit...

    I'm sure my parents had that in our living room.

  2. I watched it and loved it. The big collars and lapels of his shirt and jacket though - you see them on "trendy" dudes in Manchester on a Saturday night!

  3. oh godammit i forgot that was on.

    wonder if its on teleport?

  4. Selina - Yes the wall paper. It was... mmmm awful. Thing that was missing though was orange, I remember the 70s as being more orange than that perhaps we have that delight in future episodes

    Weenie - I wasn't taken by the collars on the shirts but the jacket I thought was rather nice

    C'lam - Beg borrow steal it's worth it.

  5. (Addendum)

    We were talking about power cuts at work today and my boss was reminicing about the three day week and power cuts. That happened in 1973 apparently I wonder if they will use it as a plot device in the series.

  6. it was on teleport, and i watched it and loved it.

    roll on next monday, and thanks for the reminder jane.