07 January 2006

So What Is A Transvestite?

Wanna know what a transvestite is? Well currently if you were to google on the word you wouldn't get a useful answer if you clicked on the number one result as that spot is occupied by Transformation.

Transformation is a website and chain of shops in the UK that sell overpriced badly made tatt to the transgendered market. Becky and Siobhan have between them started a campaign to ensure that in future that the first result on google for transvestite isn't Transformation but rather the wikipedia disambiguation page.

I think this is rather a beezer idea and I'm right behind the movement and if possible I would ask that you do the same. If, for any reason you happen to mention transvestite in your blog or web page please use this link.


  1. This is a good idea - but possibly won't actually change anything? Not sure: I've tried to figure it out in my own blog - hot air, or what?

  2. I found that the more I dress, the more I find guys attractive. Is this a normal progression for a tv?