10 January 2006


Well I've finally done it, I've got almost the entirety of my CD collection copied into iTunes. 12.8 GBs, 9.7 solid days of music ranging from easy listening to punk to classical music, Abba to the Zutons. However I calculate that about half my music is either on vinyl or cassette, almost all my Cure records, all the Sisters of Mercy stuff, all but two of the Siousxie and The Banshee albums, the Charlatans first album. Because I don't currently have a working record player (must sort that out) I haven't heard some of it for a long time I wonder if I will still find it listenable.

I'm a bit horrified that I've got so much music. I don't think that I have enough to count as a proper music buff, but I've got a fair bit for a girl, which is cool but nothing like some, that's scary to think that some people are filling 60 Gig Ipods.

Most of the women I know, no lets make that all the women I know in real life are not really interested in music, they will have a few CDs but it's always towards the populist end of the scale, (nothing really wrong with that as long as it isn't inflicted on me and I don't have to listen to a Katie Mellua CD again or hear Jamie Cullen described as Jazz - No there is something wrong with that but I can't be arsed to go into it right now.)

I'm also a bit proud of my music collection, the first album I bought with my own money was Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band which I think was pretty cool for a 12 year old. I think my collection shows some thought and care and devotion to loud, dark alternative music and that for a few years I did read the NME.

Gah I'm such a music snob.


  1. 9.7 ? 9.7 ?? Well, I need to get busy then. I only have 4.4 days worth currently. What will I do if I'm stranded in my office for 4.5 days with no Internet access? I'm going back right now with my CD case in tow... :P

  2. I have a bunch of CDs, but I have not transfered many of them to MP3 format.

    I just download the songs for free, illegaly :)

  3. I'll not comment on my 36 gigs of stuff filling up my itunes.

    (Although, to be fair, some of that is comedy radio or Audio Books, but mostly it's music)

  4. You think that is a lot of music? (etc) You think you are a music snob? (etc)

    Well, SPLHCB came out in what, 67, and you were twelve. Dear God, you must have been sacrificing the babies to the right gods, you look nowhere near that old. Bam. etc.

    (Rough count: 2k+ LPs (yes, vinyl, most in storage), 3k+ 12"s, 1k+ 7"s, erm only a few hundred CDs. I was a poor when CDs came out, never had a player until oh, 96 or so.)

    As for goff snobbery, let's see: I skipped school to buy 'Disintegration' the day it came out, I saw both Sisters gigs at Leeds poly when it looked like they split, I saw the last two FotN gigs, though I was never definable as a goff.

    Oh, and I still read the NME. A good way of knowing what is coming out. (Here, dunno if you are a fan, but St Julian is playing at the Junction, and that is the opening night of the tour, he says he is playing for at least two hours, stuff from the past 20 years and from his two new albums. Which could be made available *cough* if someone wanted.)

    Music snobbery? My last podcast was recorded from vinyl (my player works. Ish.) with obscure b-sides from obscure early 90s bands. I think.

  5. 57 Days, 33.66 gig :-0

    Stray Tosser wins though :-)

  6. MP3 Lazy Iguana? MP3? Ewwwe.

  7. I bet that first Charlatans album hasn't dated well ... must admit that I tend to drag out Siouxsie and the Banshees The Scream every so often, particularly when I'm feeling as if I'm a sulky adolescent (which is still too often for my own good). Jigsaw Feeling is a great track!

  8. OK OK I admit I've got a long way to go before I can safely say that I have "a lot" of music.

    Betty - Yeah the Charlatans' album has not dated at all well, it was a bit weak when it first came out, but hey it was a present.