13 January 2006

I Have A Headache

I don't require sympathy as it was self inflicted, went out last night to help celebrate my friend Anne's birthday, she turned 30 on New Year's Day but last night was the first chance we've had to celebrate it, much beer and champagne was consumed but perhaps, not quiet enough food. Anne was sensible and booked the day off today, I wasn't so am suffering on work time.

Therefore as a bit of recycled blogging: Vote for your favourite Daily Mail Headline at Daily Mail Watch. It's a cool little blog which is really made by the comments. Spotted on Plasticbag.org


  1. Lard and chips for lunch with a dollop of mayonnaise and a pint of coke!!

    Works every time

    Alternatively go the gym and sweat it out of your system!

  2. Chips and mayonnaise...

    Hmm, that's the staple snack-food of the Dutch. Coincidence?