19 January 2006

Nigeria to outlaw same-sex unions

BBC NEWS | Africa | Nigeria to outlaw same-sex unions

I can understand why this might happen. Much of Africa is deeply conservative. Nigeria is split between two competing forces trying to see who is more fundamentalist than the other.

As I said I can understand why this might happen I disagree with it completely but I can see how this happens. What completely shocked me, because I didn't realise that free speech was the work of the gays, was this bit.

Justice Minister Bayo Ojo said the law would also ban "any form of protest to press for rights or recognition" by homosexuals, the AFP news agency reports.

What the fuck? If it's the will of the people no amount of protest will change how they think so why should protest be so dangerous.


  1. Repression like that will just make things worse, in the long term.

  2. In other news, President Bush just announced that the USA will be giving Nigeria billions of dollars in totally free aid.

    Said the president "It is clear that the government of Nigeria is with us, and not with those fairy loving french. Come on now, MIMES? What is next?"

    Bush also said he admires the courage of the government, to do what those no good liberals in congress will not allow - a ban on any protest. "I guess the liberals want the terrorists to attack America" the president was quoted as saying.