23 October 2005

How Big?

Defence Minister John Reid was trying and failing to express exactly how big the Chinook and the C17 aircraft are, this week well he should have a blog like I do.

Chinook image from NATO

C17 and Antinov image from RAF

The Chinook fits into the C17. That's big


  1. Ooohhh! Looks surprisingly like the pod from Thunderbird 2 (that could hold Thunderbird 4 or the Mole.

    I wonder where the USAF got the idea from. I think we should be told

  2. The C-17 is (I think) the second largest aircraft in the sky. The largest transport aircraft is made by the Russians.

    I work at a major airport, and see large aircraft all the time. The double deck airliners that British Airways flies into Miami are stunning in their sheer size. It is rather amazing that the things can lift off the ground.

  3. We live only a stones throw from a USAF base. It's a "training" base and we have a lot of c17's flying around. and around. and around. in huge freakin' circles. "Okay, looks like you know how to turn left, let's see how you are at turning right..."
    One year we went on base during their air show and went into one. How big is it? WAY FREAKIN' BIG.