22 October 2005

Boys' Shopping

Went into a well known high street supplier of reasonably priced clothing for men today as Simon wanted to buy new socks.

As Christmas is approaching, they had the stocking filler knick-knacks and gizits on prominently on display - boob centric, wanna be military toys and stuff for men who have seen Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels once too often and think it is the last word in sophistication. I have never felt comfortable in this shop as it seems to be aiming itself at the more laddish end of the market than sentient males but today it was like being inside a copy of Loaded Magazine. Unpleasant but also very juvenile, it felt very much like the old adage "If you've actually done it, you don't talk about it that much." There was too much talking... so to speak.

Ooh and their clothes were shite as well.

BTW Simon would like to make it clear that he does not normally shop at this store and only did so because of the paucity of decent shops where I live.


  1. That would be Burtons then? Don't think I've bought anything from them for ages.... trying too hard to be blokey.

  2. Burtons!? Oh God! I'd rather shop in Matalan!