09 October 2005


We went to see Wallace and Gromit: Curse Of The Wererabbit, last night. It was superb, exceptionally funny, layered with jokes, the adults in the cinema were laughing more than the children. There was always the worry that Wallace and Gromit would not translate to a full length feature film but they did marvelously.

Other news - the grand tidy of the living room is almost completed, much junk has gone to the tip and I now have more usable floor space and seating.

As a side note - apparently my Aunt in Australia read my post the other day about doing a tidy up and was moved to ring my Mum to check that I was feeling ok... Hmmmm


  1. I'm so glad that you liked Wallace and Gromit! I haven't seen it yet, and it's not really the kind of movie I can ask people at work about because, well, they aren't really Wallace and Gromit types of people, so even if they said it was good, I wouldn't know if the movie was really W&G, or some americanized version... ya know?

  2. Well done on the tidying. Went with SO and Sig Minors to see W&G yesterday. Very good although I felt it was on its limit timewise.

    Contained some of the most excruciating puns I have heard and read.

  3. Emily - It's fantastic, both Becky and I laughed our socks off and it hasn't been Americanised at all from what we could see.

    Charlotte - Glad the various Sigs (cygnets?) enjoyed the film. Yes, you can see the floor and yes, I don't like the colour of the carpet!

  4. The carpet has a colour?

    Well done :)