07 October 2005

And They Are Off

Michael Howard has resigned as leader of the Conservative party and now it's time for a new leader to be chosen. As I would rather watch nothing but non stop Big Brother rather than vote Tory I'm not going to be in a position to help choose the new leader and to be honest I had only heard of 3 1/2 of them I say half because I was getting David Davis confused with someone else.

However I am going to guess at who is going to win. Liam Fox - he will sneak through by not being David Cameron who is too young, or David Davis the vote will be split with Cameron and he won't get through. Not Ken Clarke obviously... Ken is known by the general public, is a superb performer even if you don't like what he says but is hated by many many Tories because he is pro Europe and Sir Malcolm Rifkind is too Scottish and doesn't have a chance.

Now maybe I will be proved totally wrong, especially after blogging about it but I've guessed right about the last 3 Tory leadership battles.


  1. The whole Tory leadership thing is just so uninspiring.

  2. Who's to lead the Tories to defeat in the next election? My money (if I cared!) would be on Cameron, as they look for their very own Tony Blair. Insert joke here!
    You'd rather watch nothing but non-stop Big Brother than vote Tory - I'd rather trim my nails with a chainsaw than vote Tory! Any advance on this, anyone?

  3. Being an enfranchised member (hmm, ok, I'll get my coat...), I have to say that I'd much rather ANYONE than David Davis, who makes Maggie look positively left-wing...

  4. kate weston08 October, 2005

    'Any advance'

    I'd rather vote Labour than vote Tory, and I'd rather eat my own spleen than vote Labour.

  5. Em - Yeah I have to agree it happens so often as well.

    Stegbeetle and Kate - Lol

    Hannah - Nevermind an ex boyfriend of mine was a young conservative, this is an equal oppotunities blog.