11 October 2005

Timing It Just Right.

This year's award for really missing the boat on timing should go to Knut Ahnlund of the Swedish Academy that awards the Nobel Prize for Literature. Mr Ahnlund has decided to resign in protest of the award of the prize to Austrian writer, Elfriede Jelinek in 2004, 2 days before the award for 2005 is made. Not exactly a snap decision, is it?

The other timing that doesn't work is that my Flickr Pro account has only just come through but because I'm going to busy with other things I won't be able to do any serious uploading until after the weekend.

Boat hidden in the rushes Derwentwater

Here is one I prepared earlier

(see that, that was seamless bit of blogging that was)

I apologise for the poor spelling but the blogger spellcheck doesn't work on the machines we have at work.


  1. The blogger spellcheck is a complete waste of time on any machine...and boy do I need it, my spilling is applauding.

  2. Perhaps it just took that long to wake him up :o)

  3. Sheesh, why would he wait that long? Maybe he decided to resign back in march, but he waited until now so it would get in the news more. I mean, back in march, would people care? Wait, I don't care now either... hmmm... anyways, I love the photos you take so I'm glad you went pro. =)

  4. What a silly Knut.

    Was Knut one of the spelling mistakes, by the way? ;-)

  5. Steph - I need it as well oh do I need it.

    Aginoth - lol could well be

    Emily - Re going pro thank you.

    Becky - Kno it wasn't ;-p