16 June 2005

New Sofa

new sofa 16 june
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My new sofa has arrived, my first ever sofa I should say, for the last few years I have been sitting on an extremely uncomfortable futon. The delivery men had to take the front door to my flat off its hinges to get it in the flat, perhaps I should have ordered the smaller one.

Now I've got to dismantle the futon. I've donated it to a friend, I have warned him about its uncomfortableness but he doesn't care.

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  1. there's always someone who feels thrilled with a cast-off futon

    i like to think of it as a natural cycle: person buys futon as it's *(a) cheap and (b) functional

    person soon realises that more joy can be derived from a real sofa so gets rid of futon, giving it to a friend who likes futon because it is [return to *]