14 June 2005

BBC NEWS - Missing Dr Who Dalek found on Tor

BBC NEWS England Somerset Missing Dr Who Dalek found on Tor I'm tempted to say something about "only in Somerset" but that would be sliding into cheap and easy regional stereotypes plus I do not know enough Somerset jokes. I know plenty of fenny benny jokes but they aren't really funny when you come to think of it.

I have to point out I am not a native of Cambridgeshire although I have lived here for ten long, long, years. I was born in London, I've lived in Portsmouth, Edinburgh, Harrogate, Syracuse in New York State, Sheffield and now here. I can't say that any of those places are "home" for me. I went to primary school in Edinburgh but I've never had a Scottish accent so I was English to my school mates. I do support Scotland though I remember the 1978 World Cup I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland were there, England weren't I didn't stand a chance!

In Harrogate, I committed the ultimate sin as far as the natives were concerned of not being from Harrogate so I wasn't made to feel welcome there: this is a local spa town and tourist spot for local people, you get the sort of thing. Syracuse, well we were only there for one year, but I had a great time. I was 16, I learnt to drive, went to the Senior Prom, the whole Sandra Dee thing except without John Travolta, though I did go out with my first proper boyfriend

I liked Sheffield a lot, I went to university there and stayed on afterwards, then I got a job with my current employer so it was back to Harrogate for a few months and then down here.


It's too flat and they can't put a decent head on a pint of beer, but the weather is better.

RAF Appraisal Of The Day
Remarks of the 3rd Reporting Officer.

Cpl ****** biggest problem would seem to be his inability to ignore a pretty female face! While I admire his sentiments, he is frequently distracted from his primary task and this is reflected in his numerical assessments and promotion recommendation. If he does not respond to counselling, we may have to resort to bromide in the tea!


  1. I still think the Dalek thing was a ruse to generate publicity for the forthcoming Wookey Hole Dr Who weekend :-)

  2. Well it worked I googled on it! Not my idea of fun I have to say though.

  3. oooh, which primary school in edinburgh?? were we classmates, i wonder...

  4. I went to Sciennes (sp?) near the meadows from 1974? to 1979 a long time ago!

  5. ah yes, the school with the funny looking name which is pronounced 'sheens' (if my memory serves me right)

    well then, our primary paths did not cross...