16 June 2005


I'm slowly dismantling the futon, it's fairly easy the screws are not impossible to undo, they shouldn't be as I put the thing together in the first place it was woman and screwdriver in perfect harmony, a sight to behold I tell you.

I'm doing it slowly as there are about a million and a half things I would rather do instead including blogging about doing nothing, staring into space, listening to the radio, viewing my paltry hit stats, thinking about how I can get more.

Now it's strange I look at other sites and see their stats, I think "oh poor thing only 7596 hits" me I look at mine (I have three to pick from 165, 211, and on stat counter 308 I like the stat counter one best!) I think "come on babies, increase" when I went through 100 I was dancing round the room, well I punched the air it's a totally different reaction I cherish each one of these hits as a treasure but I don't feel sorry for myself as I've got so few! It's quite addictive looking at the logs, trying to work out who the viewers are, I've sussed a few including the one I got from Adelaide this morning that's my cousin Emma But the others; who are you? what do you do? If only those IP addresses could talk to me.

But to get back to the point of this post it was an excuse to put this picture in - a friend of mine was down in London yesterday afternoon he went to the national history museum and sent me this photo to my mobile.

sms sloth

I've not worked out how to get the internet facility on my mobile to work so I can't moblog yet, so I took a photo of the message with my digital camera. I quite like the idea in a multimedia sort of way.

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