21 June 2005


Wyndham the Triffid has been pondering on going green and getting older. Like him as I've got older I've got keener on recycling and reducing waste wherever possible.

The council in an effort to reduce the amount of Landfill tax they have to pay are encouraging us to recycle, reuse and compost. As I live in a flat I haven't got a green box to put my dry recyclables instead the council supply clear plastic bags, recyclable I hope. Every fortnight I stagger down stairs with a fullish bag of old cardboard, plastic milk bottles and the like for the bin men to collect. They will take newspapers as well but the council expect us to take our own wine bottles to the bottle bank, fortunately I've got three within spitting distance Unfortunately, though, they haven't got round to providing green bins for us flat dwellers to put our composting material into.

I would like to be able to do composting, for one thing it is very satisfactory to know that today's apple cores will be the potatoes or busy lizzies of the future but I can't, although there is a shared garden we don't have a compost bin. I did suggest once that we got one, at a house meeting many moons ago, but I was voted down on the basis that we didn't have the room (mmm the garden looks big enough for one to me) and anyway it takes ages for pizza boxes to break down.

I mentioned this to my Aunt Mary who is very green, she suggested that I get an indoor wormery
I am sort of tempted to do so but I'm worried about the smell, I'm not 100 percent convinced that they are completely odour free and I'm sure I read in The Guardian that there can be trouble with fruit flies as well as the smell. So I would be very interested to hear whether they do smell or if flies and other undesirables have been a problem. I did read it, click on the link to see the full article.

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  1. oooh, don't get me started on fruit flies and composting...and we have a garden! (think we may have made ourselves v unpopular with our neighbours into whose window the flies flew - oops)

    we abandoned our composting bin on account of this problem and will only reconsider once we have a 100ft garden in the country (if ever!) but i did have people say there were ways to avoid the fly problem

    good luck!