11 June 2005

Breaking out in Cats

I'm cat sitting for my mother, so the little darling is here in the flat leaving little cat footprints all over the place and using me as a trampoline for her early morning exercise. Remember the picture I posted of my nice new kitchen floor? Well thanks to Kitty taking a scunner to her litter tray it looked like this last night I was not a happy bunny.

I swept it up and changed the litter so the little horror should have nothing to complain about now. I will post a picture of the cat when she emerges from under the bed.

Appraisal Of The Day

Comments of the 2nd Reporting Officer - SAC P&A Clk

"Recently he was drinking late with a fellow clerk when he decided that his friend had had too much to drink - so he had him arrested by the RAF Police. I feel a more appropriate course of action would have been to take his friend home".

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