10 June 2005


One of the first people to leave a comment on the blog was Palace fan thats going to be a Dad. Palace Fan has a joke of the day, fact of the day and baby news of the day. A nice idea I thought I might nick some of those ideas myself, though not the baby news of the day as I'm not going to get pregnant just to fill a blog!

What I thought I might do is use some of the funnies I get sent. Hey, why write something myself when I can recycle someone else's work? I am a sloth!

You may have seen the comments that have been allegedly culled from staff reports. A classic one is about an Army Officer "His men would follow him anywhere but only out of curiosity" I got sent a list of RAF ones so here goes

  • Appraisal of the day.
Comments of the 3rd Reporting Officer - Generally very sensible in his outlook, he has been involved in a few bizarre incidents, mainly associated with beer and bicycles, which have resulted in him sustaining some personal injuries. I'm glad to report that such incidents are becoming far less frequent, mainly because he now shows a more reasoned and consistent judgment, but also because people are less prepared to lend him their bicycles.


  1. Jane, thanks for the advice on posting photos. I've dumped picasa and been fiddling around with Flickr which seems to be working fine - even if I haven't put anything up yet! Good luck with the blog.



  2. My Bro in law is an officer in the RAF so lets hope he does not turn up on here :-)

  3. oh, go on - get pregnant and blog about it - pleeeeeeeeease!!