30 March 2009

Where Did All The Energy Go?

Today is the first day of my maternity leave, I am now a "lady of leisure" for roughly another 8 weeks before the mayhem begins. It was lovely to be able to turn off the alarm and turn over for another hour or so of shut eye, or as close as you can get when you've got a baby jumping up and down inside of you and an urgent need to visit the lavvy. But nethertheless it is still lovelier than having to get up to go to work with no chance of actually catching up on missed sleep or over come the tiredness.

Ah yes the tiredness, I know I can no longer do have as much as I would like, so I decided that I would start as I mean to go on, one biggish task a day which will keep me ticking over, getting out of the house and not turning into a day time Teevee junky. Today was a trip to Morrisons for a big shop. I was knackered before I got to the confectionary isle, I managed to stagger round the rest. Just. I think if the checkout girl hadn't kindly unloaded the trolley for me, I would have still been there now, trying to lift out a bag of cotton wool balls to put on to the belt.

Lesson learnt - Big shops are too big.
Possible Solution - Online shopping.
Most Probably Solution - Simon carries on doing the big shops.


  1. When Eloise was 9 days overdue and went shopping, a kind woman had to push her trolley back to the car. Giving people the golden opportunity to be kind is a Good Thing. Both they and you feel warmed all day.

    I remember trying to reach something on a shelf above the freezers - what was that about, a lesson in humiliation or something? - anyway, a lovely bloke got it down for me. I don't remember what he looked like but I remember him helping me, and that's 25 years on.

  2. Congratulations! And after the baby is born you can just roll over and nurse. We have kept each of our babies in our bed rather than a crib. My wife says she much prefers that way. Then the trick is figuring out how to extend that 8 weeks of leisure to 18 years... :)

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    Go on, it'll be fun: put your Norfolk on the map on April 23rd.

  4. Hi FPD, thanks for saying hello on my blogsite. As regards the supermarket shopping, my daughter does the bulk of it online, leaving her free to visit Costas now and then with Mini.

  5. Let yourself have a lot of rest. Last time around I just powered along until my baby came, but this time that just isn't possible - I am useless without a nap each day. (and sometimes I am useless even with a nap)