25 March 2009


We've just been to a local hotel for dinner, it was an odd place, a lot of time, effort and love had been put into doing it up in the late 90s and the day to day standards are very high. No nasty communal liquid soap dispenser, each sink had a free standing soap pump and a hand towel to dry your hands if you didn't wish to use the hand driers. It was incredibly clean, neat and well cared for. The huge shame was that all this work had been done by someone who has the taste of a deranged granny with a fetish for commemorative plates and brasses.

There almost wasn't a surface in the ladies loo that didn't have some knick knack or dust collector on it' the pot pouri was in a wicker duck, the walls had porcelain masks and ladies summer hats hanging from them. The fire place in the bar had a flotilla of large brass statues sat on its hearth, and an electric fire glowing with amber coloured glass, through out the art on the walls really belong in the cyber walls of my Bad Art Group on Flickr (unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me). The food was ok, but a bit lacking in vitamins, and sadly for all you lovers of kitch the atmosphere in the bar was pretty lacking so I doubt we will be going back.


  1. :-) how many others were there?

  2. One morose looking German, a more chipper looking Frenchman who was dining with a local farmer so a grand total of 5 including Si and me.