24 January 2009

House Hunting

As regular readers will know we've been trying to sell our properties in order to buy something bigger and more suited to a family. And as every bugger knows, the bottom dropped out of the housing market last year, first time buyers either can't get a mortgage, worried about their jobs or keeping their powder dry until the market bottoms out.

Instead we decided to rent out our flats, we've got mine rented and the next step is to find somewhere for the 2 and a half of us to live before we rent out Simon's. We looked a great house today, a good size, with a garden, a dishwasher, two loos which is always good and a wood burner in the living room which will be great at Christmas. It isn't where I would want to live long term as it is in the countryside rather than urban bustle that is King's Lynn but we just wouldn't get the same space in 'Lynn. There are just some temporary transport niggles to square away, we know now we can do it, it's just how and then I think we'll say yes please on Monday.

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