20 October 2008

Doing ECDL

On a week's long training course so that I can get an European Computer Driving Licence. Unfortunately I can't just swan in and take the module exams, I have to do the training either on line or in a week's tutorial. The week's tutorial method sounded like the least painful overall, for two reasons; I can do an extra exam which will give me ECDL level two which I won't get from the on line training and it's a lot harder to cancel a whole week than it is the occasional afternoon down the computer centre.

Even though 95 percent of it is completely old stuff to me I'm still learning the new, like mail merge although now I can't think of when I would ever use it.

And why am I doing ECDL? Because at some stage I'm going to be looking for a new job and the number of job ads asking for ECDL have been rapidly increasing and I have a sneeking feeling that my 'O' Level in computer studies may no longer have the kudos it should do.

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