25 October 2008

So Far

So far I have not been sick and long may this continue. However I have felt queasy most of the time especially when in food shops or trying to choose a sandwich at work.

No the worst effect of the hormones so far has been to make me feel absolutely shattered a lot of the time. Just driving to work has been enough to wipe me out for most of the morning which isn't really an idea situation as they do expect me to do stuff when I get there. However I have very considerate bosses and they have allowed me to work from home on occasion, which helped increase my output no end on those days.

The other effect of the hormones is that almost anything and everything can make me cry at the moment: sad looking puppies, ads for Russell Brand programmes (that man is a right royal bastard), just the mention of Two Little Boys. The inner me knows that it's a bit silly to be crying at such things but the outer me is sobbing her heart out and it's all a bit embarrassing.

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