12 August 2008


Individual Eventing on the radio is so thrilling especially when everyone on the commenting team is rooting for the final few competitors to knock over a bar or two. I started listening on my way home and found myself sat in the car still so that I wouldn't miss the climax. We weren't expecting to get a medal by all accounts ended up with a cheeky little bronze - congratulations to Tina Cook.


  1. i was hooked too! making dinner for five and i got so tense that I had to turn the the oven down so i could catch the ending. i consider that hoping for johnn foreigner to fail is, despite appearances, a very sporting attitude all in all... hem hem

  2. Zosimus the Heathen13 August, 2008

    I watched quite a bit of the individual eventing on TV last night, and despite doing so on the other side of the world (Australia), I can tell you that the commentators over here were doing exactly the same thing as your lot were. I found the course quite trippy, what with some of the jumps eg the Cheese, the Avocado, and, my favourite, the Green Bamboo, a jump that came complete with cute model pandas.