18 April 2008

Published Photographer

One of my many roles as a Tranny Wallah is to wield the camera when Becky is ready for her "close ups, but not too close darlink." I don't really mind as I enjoy photography and bossing Becky about. So when the Norwich Evening News asked Becky to supply some photos to illustrate the feature about her it was inevitable that at least one of my photos would get sent along. That didn't stop it being really quite freaky to look at the NEN online this lunchtime and see my picture above the fold on the front page.

Becky Enverite

Nothing I've done has ever been published before and I'm finding it odd to think that the picture what I took will be looked at by thousands of people and become landfill or wrappings for fish and chips and that's a rather weird feeling.

That and having my name changed to Lucy to "protect the innocent" has been all rather exciting. All I need now is a plain clothes policeman in a homburg to ask me for "just the facts Ma'am" and my day will be totally made!


  1. HI Jane - the photo is great and so was the article - congrats to you both (and to the EN too, actually)

  2. oh front page news... how exciting:)

  3. The photo in the mini-skirt was always one of my favorites, well done! :)

  4. Yay for you.
    Erm...yay for Lucy I mean.