19 April 2008

Humphrey Lyttleton Is Not Well

I'm on the Sorry I Haven't A Clue mailing list through it heard that Humph has had an aortic aneurysm.
...Humphrey Lyttelton has been detained in hospital for an operation to repair an aortic aneurysm.

We are unclear precisely how long Humph's recovery period will be, but it seems very likely that the Spring Series of "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" will have to be postponed.

Hopefully he will get well soon, for his own sake and for ours we can't have put up with Quote Unquote for too long.


  1. For any number of reasons I hope Humph gets better soon (not the least of which he is very funny) - but you are right about Quote Unquote - it is on a par with moneybox and the food program in the boredom stakes for me.

  2. Oh no.

    I wonder if it would carry on without humph, or barry for that question - he's getting on a bit too.

    I recently "acquired" every single ISIHC episode ever made (or as near as damn it). I'm happily making my way through them, although I must admit I have skipped forward to 1985 when the program really got into it's stride.

  3. Hope Humph recovers soon. Saw him with ISIHC at Harrogate only a week ago. He looked unwell but it was a wonderful show - he even played his trumpet at the end.
    Long live this terrific programme.

  4. He's got an aortic aneurysm? Can you imagine the jokes in the next series of ISIHAC? Fingers crossed he's not too ill, and not for too long either.

  5. I hope the lovely Samantha is at his side to apply the correct pressure to his valves and do the bed bath duties...

    get well soon Humph

  6. oh no - just heard the news.
    farewell Humph.