03 March 2008

Just random stuff

Who are you gonna vote for?

Implicit Association

The mere thought of Huckabee being associated with "good" was giving me serious finger trouble.

I've been getting into Jezebel an American on line magazine for all the cool chicks and dudes


I have to thank Thau for mentioning the 'zine on her blog, it's what I wanted Cosmo to be instead of the sad sack of tired cliche it is.

And that's it, I couldn't find a third thing for today

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  1. Here’s a thought for you Jane.
    Politicians rely on us voting for them, right?
    Well here is a purely hypothetical scenario. The winning Politician has to receive the most votes, i.e. More than one and more than any other candidate. If you could arrange for each of them to receive zero votes, does that immediately make them unemployed?
    Or maybe Cromwell had the right idea for getting rid of corruption………