04 March 2008

Hard Sell

I am now seeing through a pristine windscreen (shield for our ex colonial friends to the west) the old one developed a crack over the weekend which required replacing rather than fixing, and seeing as the recommended company from the insurers is no where near work and it would take at least an hour to cure, it meant that I couldn't get it done during the lunch hour yesterday. So I took the day off, (I've saved leave days for the car* like others save them in case the children are ill, we are either going to need a new car or very healthy children.) it was nice to be cozily wrapped up in bed this morning watching the snow trying to make what was left of the winter count. By the time the chap came round to do the windscreen the clouds had temporarily scudded away and the sun was doing its best to shine.

We got more snow, hail and wind in the afternoon but it was far too warm for it to stick, I think that could be the last gasp of a rather pathetic winter.

Just watching a programme on BBC4 called Hard Sell - they are discussing the advertising of alcohol, quite a few of the commenters are saying that the days of advertising alcohol are numbered much like it became clear that tabbaco advertising had a slow and lingering death. But no one has really commented on whether the increasingly strict advertising rules have worked in reducing the amount of drink related deaths/accidents/arrests. The anecdotal evidence seems to suggest not, but I don't trust anecdotal evidence as it isn't evidence it's just what someone thinks. I wonder what the real evidence is.

*to be fair, the car isn't a lemon by any means. We were a bit unlucky with it been broken in to as well as the gear box linkage chain thingy seizing up. It's just any problem that needs a garage immediately or a man to come out gets amplified by a 90 mile round trip to work and a strict "no tradesmen on site" rule once there unless it's a case of towing or getting the car started.


  1. I know just what you mean about saving days off for the car Jane. Mine’s got its MOT next week, its now just over eight years old and things are starting to need replacing. I just hope that the garage bill isn’t too high this year.
    As for snow I didn’t see any. Just bright sunshine.
    Advertising bans may help, but you also need to change the culture that drives the behaviour particularly with alcohol. Outlawing something only works for the law abiding, especially if there are problems enforcing said law.

    One final thought….
    When you close the fridge door, does the light actually go out? Or does it merely cease to exit because you are no longer able to experience it?

  2. I really don't know about advertising bans with alcohol because as you say culture drives the behaviour but I really would like to see some good evidence either way and that never seems to be offered.

    As for fridge doors yes that darned light goes out - I've experimented ;-)