23 February 2008

With Tongues

Just a quick post as I'm up in sunny (well overcast, squally, windy and frankly dark as it's now 20 to 7) Northumberland visiting my very bestest friend Anne. I am up here sans Simon as we have been wedding dress shopping today and we needed to be focused and zen. We looking for a wedding dress for her and bridesmaid dress for me, fortunately we were very successful and had sorted out the dresses and half of Anne's accessories before the hour was out and made Anne's future mother in law cry too but in a good way.

So we had the rest of the day to fill so we went up to Alnwick to visit the hotel for the reception a bit further north again to go to the church. In the afternoon we watched John play rugby, it was so cold and windy we huddled in the small stand but couldn't get warm so we eventually took refuge in the rugby club. It is years since I've been in a club house, my little brother used to play mini rugby on a Sunday and the whole family would traipse around Yorkshire watching him play, It all came flooding back the bored little kids running around the tables, wives helping out in the kitchen and girlfriends behind the bar. It was lovely.

When we finally got to the house yesterday Milo, Anne and John's little jack russell decided to welcome me properly to the house by jumping up onto my lap and sticking his tongue in my mouth. Which is a bit forward, considering that I am married and we had only just met, it must those long dark northern nights it does something to the population.

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  1. dont worry Jane, I wont tell Simon about Milo if you don't.....