18 February 2008

Not Fun

It was not fun driving into work this morning.

It's cold outside

FrostEven after an hour and twenty odd minutes of the engine running the frost hadn't completely melted from the bonnet.


  1. that's some pretty hardcore frost you've got there, down south where i am they'd close the whole city if we had a frost like that ;)

  2. Driving in fog and ice whilst using a camera/ camera phone - sensible! And does that count as 'using a mobile phone' in the eyes of the "3 points on yr licence and pay the fine" Law?

  3. Anon - it probably is but with the dangers in mind the picture I took of the temperature was while I was stationary and the other picture was at low speed and I had both hands on the steering wheel which is why it's at an angle.

  4. hehe , Welcome to Norfolk.
    The rest of the year it rains.