16 December 2007


The static blogroll. I know it's long, probably too long but I do read them, or at least have a look when Google Reader tells me that something new has appeared. The only exception to that is Becky's web because it's normally a little voice telling me "I've blogged". There is a reduced and dynamic list to the right with some highlights.

Becky's Web - Becky EnVérité

A Gentleman's C - The Angry Professor

A Hazy Day Today - Rockmother

Alicublog - Roy

The All New Adventures 0f Wyndham The Triffid - Wyndham appears to have stopped blogging

All That Comes With It - Dan

Bad Astronomy - Phil Plait the Bad Astronomer.

Bad Science - Ben Goldacre sticking one on the pseudoscientists

Betty's Utility Room - Betty

Blonde Moments - Hannah

Blurred Lines
- Lara Tyg

Boolblog - Boolbar

Cafe De Jenkster - Kris

Clarissa Explains Some Of It - Clarissa

Cosmic Variance - Daniel Holtz et al

The DraGnet - Miss K -back

Daily Mail Watch - Merk

Eggs Akimbo - Em

- Kisa

Flat Out Norwich - Flat Out - appears to have stopped blogging

The Gates of Ivory
- Isobel

Gatochy's Blog - Mariana

Glitter For Brains - Lee

Herstory - Emma

I Can Has Cheezburger

Idle Thoughts, Furious Musings - Penny M

One Man Blogs - Gordon

Joanna's Diary - Joanna

The Jogger Blogger - Jogger Blogger

Just Jessica - Jessica - retired

The Kaptain Kobold Blog - Kaptain Kobold

Lolcats Can Has Science

Lipstick Vogue - Kat

Luis Droppings - Luis

Midwest Rock Lobster - Chixulub

Mildly Diverting - Kim

NeuroLogica Blog - Steve Novella

¡Oye Billy!
- Billy

The Other Side Of The World - -appears to have stopped blogging

Palace Fan That's A New Dad - James

The Panda's Thumb

Pandora's Hideaway - Pandora

Pig Sty Avenue - Garry

Plutos the Blubberman - Sim

The Quackometer Blog - Le Canard Noir

Rantings Of The Lazy Iguana - Lazy Iguana

Razorblade of Life - Z

Respectful Insolence
- Orac

The Rogues Gallery - Evan Bernstein et al

Ross @ Dover - Ross - appears to have stopped blogging

Sad, Sweet Songs and Crazy Rhythms - Magpie

Selina's Universe - Selina Morse - appears to have stopped blogging

Smaller Than Life -

Solid Gone - Stegbeetle

Stephanie's Pillowbook - Stephanie

Steph's Ramblings - Steph

Stephen Fry's Blog - Stephen Fry

Stuff White People Like

Sugar Mountain Farm - Walter

- Ian Betteridge

Thaumata's Blog of ill repute - Thaumata

Thinking Is Dangerous - Dr* T

Tiny Frog - Tinyfrog

Tom's Astronomy Blog
- Tom

Trendy Discotheque - Valerie

Wilder By Far - John Wilder

World-O-Crap - Scott and SZ


You're a DJ, I'm the song - Tiffy


  1. Personally I'm all for alphabetical listings.

  2. That's an awesome blogroll. Have a good Christmas.

  3. I was amazed to see that *I'm* on that blogroll. Ta very much. I'd better write some things from time to time I guess.

  4. you're not the only one... :D