18 December 2007

The Endless Slog For Christmas Cheer

We are scarcedly organised, we've done the Christmas present shopping, we spent a fair chunk of Sunday wrapping presents, the cards have all been posted. Tree decorated and twinkling, a lot of you will have seen the wreath already. Tonight we tackled the lump of the food shopping with nothing but a sketchy idea of what we wanted and some sturdy bags. An hour later we drove out of Tesco's car park with a car that was sitting very low on its wheels, so I guess we can say that we broke the back of that too.

But what is it about the preparations for the holiday that makes them so joyless? Well I know what it is about that Tescos, harsh lighting, tired customers who look ill under the fluorescent lights - it's enough to make the Easter Bunny want to become a suicide bunny. It's knackering and has given me a dreadful headache. We did pick up the holiday booze though, I've never had Jack Daniels before, it's rather nice, smooth, tasty and although it hasn't relieved my headache it hasn't made it worse.


  1. Gah, Xmas shopping - I think it's probably the fact that everyone else thinks that they need to come 1st, and you're merely something to elbow out of the way! I've got some cards to get, then that's me done for the year!

  2. I went to Toys R Us on Monday afternoon. All the way round I could be heard muttering to myself "Why aren't all these bloody people at work Damnit".

    I dread to think what it will be like on Saturday.

  3. LOL like the JD headache cure :-)

    Thanks for our card chaps - all our love from us guys at north. Have a great Xmas and see you both soon.

    x x x