01 August 2007

A Week Of Good Weather? Must Mean It's My Birthday Very Soon

I'm on leave this week as it's my birthday on Friday and I always try to avoid working on my birthday. Also I've noticed over the years that this week often will be one of the hottest and there is nothing like sitting in an office full of hot, thermometer-watching, grumbling civil servants to completely kill the birthday feeling which is another incentive for not going into the office.

Unfortunately Si hasn't got as much leave left so I've had this time off alone. Which has been great really, ok it's not as good as if Si had the holiday time but I've been able to bimble around at my own pace, flick through a thousand CDs in HMV without worrying about the time and daytime TV is mine all mine. Ok I'd probably alone in my fight for the remote when it comes to satellite day time telly but I've been enjoying the re-runs. Well... actually I've been marvelling at how bad the first series of Star Trek: Next Generation was. Not so much the acting the main cast could/can all act but the plots and script was plodding, sexist, patronising and some the special effects would have looked shoddy in the original Star Trek.

The other thing I've been enjoying now the sun has come out, (for overseas readers - we've had a miserable summer so far this year) is Schweppes' Diet Summer Punch Lemonade - it tastes a lot like Pimms except it's non alcoholic, very nice indeed in a non alcoholic way. Would make a great mixer for gin ;-D


  1. Well then happy birthday!

    Best cop movie ever. Great suggestion.

    By the way, does Pimms ever go bad?

  2. Suzie Tall03 August, 2007

    That's one hell of an excuse to get out of buying cakes!

  3. I've never known Pimms to go 'off'. Or is it me drinking it way before it gets to it's best before date...? Meh, I must admit that I leave my own bottle in the fridge, nice and ice cold!