02 August 2007

No Joy Whatsoever

I had an almost brilliant day out with my mother today in Peterborough doing our bit for the British economy and I she gave me my birthday presents in anticipation of tomorrow. I got a skirt (ideal for the honeymoon), "1066 And All That" (kewl) and a mug (which is also kewl). What was not kewl is that I've managed to lose my mobile phone, I think I left at the Costa Coffee and some fuck wit half inched it instead of doing the decent thing and handing it in to the staff. The phone is now off when you the number. I know I was stupid to leave it there but still, I hope he or she gets no joy out of it whatsoever or the fiver they'll get from selling it to their fence, or the drugs they buy with that fiver. No Joy Whatsoever.


  1. That sucks. Some crack head probably did lift it. The worst part is not so much loosing the phone, it is loosing the SIM card with all your contacts on it.

  2. I try to avoid Peterborough: it's a matter of principal...

  3. Happy Birthday, It's sunny where I am so hope it is good for you as well.

  4. Ack.. sorry to hear about the phone. That really sucks.

    Happy Birthday though! The sun is shining here, so I hope you get a lovely day.

  5. Happy birthday!

    Sorry to hear about the phone though. :(

  6. Happy Birthday!

    You're exactly 1-week & however many years older/younger than me. Huzzah! :D