20 August 2007


Can I just say Brrrrr. It's been a miserable summer so far and today has been the worst, frost up in Scotland (if I heard the weather forecast right this morning), the autumnal mists were in evidence this morning and when I got home this evening I went straight for the cosy grey cardie and slippers. I don't think we will be having many more light salads "because it's too hot to cook" it will be stew and dumplings weather at this rate.


  1. i know, it's been rubbish :(
    in the paper the other day though there was cautious talk of an indian summer in september so you never know........

  2. talk of an indian summer

    Yup.. going to be monsoons all the way :-)

    and Brr from a very cold and crappy Essex too. I still think I've overslept and woken up in October.

  3. it's hideous isn't it? though it does mean lots of nice soups for lunch.

  4. Occasionally massive exciting thunderstorm aside, it's been hot over here, I'm struggling with the heat. I like it cold and wet tho, good thing too being Scottish