25 August 2007

And Now Can I Say "Phew, It's Warm"?

Finally the weather is doing what it's was supposed to do all through August, be warm, sunny and encourage us all into the garden or at least the gardening section of B and Q. As we don't yet have a garden we went over to Buckden to use my Mum's and inspect the wedding cakes, they've been made, steeped in brandy and are slowly maturing. The icing will occur closer to the day. If the sample cake was anything to go by, they will be very nice indeed.

Apart from that, like Stephanie I've not felt the urge to blog much recently, it's been too cold and grey, I've felt more like crawling into a warm bed than sitting up at a desk to blog. Also although, I've got half worked out pieces I finish off and blog, they've just not inspired me enough to put finger to keyboard hopefully this good weather will kick me out of the lethargy.


  1. "Good weather"? Pah, I say!

  2. Ill box you up a few cubic kilometers of warm humid air and ship it to you. Air is light so the freight charges should be cheap. I have way too much of that stuff down here.

    Cake stepped in brandy? Sounds good.