08 July 2007

Never Trust

Tesco disposable bbq. They are not much cop and the one we used on Saturday evening tainted the meat with the taste of firelighters even though Simon had followed the instructions to the letter. It was inedible we ended up going to the chippy for mixed kebabs - which were freshly cooked to order and very nice.


We were decorating the flat again, this time the walls. Crumbling to the dictates of the property shows we painted the walls a tasteful, neutral, inoffensive yet ultimately dull cream colour covering over my lovely deep exciting rich red colour that always gave the living room a warm cosy library feel all it needed were the leather chairs in deep green but I could never afford those.

as it once was


as it is now

Tasteful, neutral, dull


  1. Disposable BBQ? The closest thing I have seen to that is a cheap steel charcoal grill that turns to rust within a week after you use it.

  2. Blargh - last time I used one of those crappy things we came to within a gnats c**k of gastric throughflow. *shudders*

    Cannae go wrong with a chippy though!