06 July 2007

I Need A Car-Cam

I really must start trying to capture some of the images of my travels across the fens every day. There are some fascinating things out there, take tractors and other things that farmers drive for instance. Being a city slicker who knows her way round Waitrose I did know what tractors looked like. They looked like this.

I never expected the variety of vehicles that I've seen in the fields or trundling along the roads. And they look so strange, there are tractors with great arms that spread out like the gossamer wings of a dragonfly in the sun, ones that can only go at 25 mph they look like squat beetles on stilts. There are things that they tow behind the tractors that look like the extended innards of a washing machine with claws. There are great monstrous machines that look like a half transformed transformer (You know, the sort that magically transform from a big boxy vehicle with a very small cabin on top, extendable arms and chutes to another boxy vehicle with arms, chutes and very small cabin on top except this one walks on two legs) And then there are the combine harvesters - I know what they look like, after all I do listen to The Archers

picture taken by Robert Scarth

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