06 June 2007


I have just been on possibly one of the most useless courses I've ever had the misfortune to go on. It was supposed to be about risk management aimed at people how had experience of dealing with risk but wanted to know how to do it "the company way". It could have been a rather good course given a competent tutor who knew what he was taking about rather than using the two days as an opportunity to try imply that "the board" come to him for advice. If that was true why was he presenting the course to us junior management type civil servants why wasn't he briefing my boss? And also, if that was true why didn't give one single explanation of how and why all his projects succeeded or how exactly they were successful? Or an one single example of how he thought "outside-the-box"? When Si got home this evening I subjected him to a rant on the subject I was so wound up over the wasted time and effort, it quickly came apparent that half the attendees were more clued in on how the department manages risk than the tutors were.

I think the tutor's prime idiocy was when he told us that he harangued a contractor for not considering the risk of all the men on one of the production lines leaving at the same time because they were all in the same syndicate for the national lottery - all 35 of them. :-o

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