10 June 2007

Dust Is Low In Fat

We went up to the East Riding to visit friends this weekend. It's a fairly long and tiring drive, over three hours not brilliant A roads, the A17 suffers from a particularly unpleasant mix of lorries and caravans going at about 45 miles an hour and numpties in Honda Civics who want to go at 90. I think the highlight of the trip apart from seeing our friends was being "buzzed" by the Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight's Lancaster Bomber as we approached RAF Waddington. We weren't really close enough to clearly hear the thrum of its four engines over ours but we got a very good view of it across the fields.

Apart from that it's been fairly quiet, Becky has been quietly chuckling to herself as she creates another masterpiece, and tomorrow we are going to seriously start "the diet". It may well involve us going to a Fatfighters Class as well, for the additional motivation above and beyond that we both want to look svelte and sleek by the time of the wedding. There is nothing like paying 4-5 quid a week to ensure that you want to make it money well spent. Hopefully doing this together will ensure that we both stay good when it comes to sticky buns and large glasses of wine.


  1. sticky buns and large glasses of wine, my favourite combination!
    i don't envy you going to weightwatchers i must admit but i'm sure you'll both do fabulously!

  2. There are two tricks to dieting, the first is to get the weight off, the second is not to put it on again. If you find out how these work, please let the rest of us know :-(