17 June 2007

Got The Decorators In

Or I'm Gonna Wash That Paint Right Outta My Hair

Saturday saw Si and I going across to my old flat armed with good intentions and a long list of decorating things to do.

Every room needs redecorating; the living room and the kitchen because I painted them in strong colours, the sort so hated by the people who give unwanted advice on how to sell you house. The rest of the flat needs decorating because I never got round to doing it in the first place. There are unfinished projects and just things that need doing to make it sellable quickly and for the maximum return.

After we cleared out what we could from the living room labour was divided, Si bravely tackled getting more of the gunk off my lovely archway armed only with Nitromors, brush, scraper, wire wool, brute force and swearing. Oh yes and marigolds

Modelling The Marigolds

I washed down the walls with sugar soap, to get the grease dirt and nicotine off them, rinsed off the sugar soap residue with clean water and filled in the cracks with polyfiller and that was the end of Saturday except for watching Dr Who, (which was absolutely, bloody, fantastic, best episode yet. And it had (swoon) Capt Jack (/swoon) Derek Jacobi was superb. In fact, all this series it's really struck me the quality of the acting and the actors that they have got this year. They've hit a rich seam.) And we watched "Hot Fuzz" which has just come out on DVD


Today we spent painting the ceiling and coving, twice, humping furniture across the room and climbing up and down ladders.

Paint Speckled Glasses

Next we tackle the walls; we've chosen the colour, it isn't magnolia, but it could be said to be in the same family as magnolia, cousins you could say, kissin cousins probably.


  1. Oh, I thought you meant...

  2. stripping, humping furniture and wearing marigolds ... what a way out life you lead down there.