19 June 2007

'Today's Crap Drivers

Are brought to you by the letters "Ford Focus" and the number "Knobend"'

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all BMW drivers are complete numpties, selfish drivers and a menace to society but I'm starting to think that, after these months of commuting back and forth, at least in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire this isn't completely true. If some one is gonna cut me up or attempt to overtake in the face of a thundering juggernaut it's like as not some wanker in a Ford. Manically cutting across other cars without fear or favour or the use of signals. These drivers laugh in the face of breaking distances and waft farts at the highway code and I hate every single one of them. They ruin trips and ultimately slow down the traffic, it will only be a matter of time before I witness a crash as one of these numpties misjudge their traffic dodging act and smash into something. Tossers every single one of them.


  1. Bad drivers abound...

    Here, it's as likely to be a young guy in a Dodge Pickup Truck, or a young (teenage/early-20's) lady in a sports car: usually a late-model Mustang. They both overtake with reckless abandon, and prevent "you" from overtaking them on the highway.

    And don't even get me started about the twits on the high-powered motorcycles, and their complete disregard for others' safety. (If they want to run into a tree, fine: but please, don't take me with you!) I guess the sense of immortality extends to others, as well. :-?

    Carolyn Ann

  2. My personal experience (mainly the A47) puts the blame on Audis and white vans.

  3. Once saw a Ford white van with a sticker on the back saying "Well driven? Phone 999 - I've been stolen!"

  4. Cough... I drive a Ford Focus... :(

  5. Case in point, Jo. ;-D

    Trannies with their cross-gender traits have got to be the worst drivers of all: reckless and risk-taking AND can't park for toffee.

    Er, wink.

  6. I can happily say that I've witnessed such moronic actions from both vans, cars and lorries. The make doesn't seem to matter it's the 'alpha male' sitting in the driving seat.

    Regardless of WHO my current pet peeve is those people who don't check the road properly before pulling out.

    And I don't mean the ones that slam out, 2 inches from the front of your car, no it's the ones who pull out in front of me, despite the fact I'm going faster, and cause me to brake. The real kicker is that, 9 times out of 10 the road behind me is EMPTY!! Can't these idiots use their feckin mirrors!!

    Ohh look. You've got me started now...

  7. No Vauxhall Astra drivers? I got stuck behind 3 of them today, all driving sloooowly, pulling out to go around every puddle without warning, braking suddenly for no reason at all. No junction sense whatsoever. Still, at least if they cause an accident, it will be at under 30mph.

  8. Another Focus driver here... :-(

  9. I don't understand why natural selection hasn't weeded bad drivers out of the gene pool. Perhaps we are making cars too safe, the idiots get a second chance, and a third...

    One thought when I see people taking risks on the road is that they are relying on everyone around them to be a better driver than they are.