14 May 2007

The Scarlet Siobhan

No, no, not our Siobhan she's more wine stained than scarlet. Rather I refer to Siobhan Hatherway the scarlet woman and Irish temptress of Brian Aldridge in The Archers. That Brian has the breaking strain of a kit kat when it comes to the temptations of the flesh is bye the bye, it's Siobhan who has considered the baddy ever since she and Brian first started to have conversations about Hungarian affairs even before she conceived and had Brian's son, Ruairi.

First of all the scriptwriters exiled Siobhan and little baby Ruaiririri to Germany and now they have given her the fate of all Scarlet Women in Fiction - She Must Die! So improbably she turned up last month with nasty skin cancer and today we found out that her card has been finally marked.

Will Jenny accept little Ruairiririri to her bosom eventually - Natch it gives her a chance to show how the Archers are made of greater stuff than us mere mortals now stop wibbling and wobbling about it woman and let us get back to the light relief of Eddie Grundy and Bert Fry.


  1. I'm personally amazed at Jenny's Ian-Paisley-Like conversion from being completely anti-Ruari to quietly pro-Ruari.

    A month ago she was all "Neverrr neverrr neverrr neverrr will I sit doyn with the men of vi... will I look after that child!"

    Now she's singing a completely different tune!

    Oh shit... I'm commenting on the Archers. There's no hope. :-/

  2. Erm, the Archers confuses me. I like the theme tune when they do the omnibus though. Is Joe Grundy still alive?

  3. Jo Grundy is still with us, happily. Did you know he also used to be Baron Greenback, Dangermouse's greatest enemy?

  4. It's a sad reflection of how long I've been listening to the Archers that this plot device occurred to me more than a year ago, and even then I kicked myself for not having thought of it before.

  5. Well me old pal, me old beauty, that Brian Aldrige must have gone through the whole female population of Borsetshire by now.

    Mind, Jennifer Travers-Macy is no better than she ought to be. Young Adam was born out of wedlock you know!

  6. Flat Out24 May, 2007

    Archers chat - hurrah - I enjoy being beyond hope... Jenny Darling seems to move closer to late blooming step-motherhood every day - Adam: is he just worried about his inheritance? Will the oddly spelled offspring end up with Lizzie and Nigel and Lower Loxley - its all just too exciting
    [exit in pursuit of gin bottle & life]