08 May 2007

Linkage 8 May 07

I was going to go to water aerobics tonight as part of my feeble attempts to get fit but I can't
and with that disappointment knocking me off my blogging stride here is a link.

Here Be Anthropomorphic Dragons


  1. I see that Usenet Island has sunk without a trace (well, with a trace, but a dotted one).

    The map isn't really up to date though, Empire of Flickr is much bigger than DeviantArtLand, these days

  2. Flat Out12 May, 2007

    Hi there - I came across this on if:book and posted about it - then realized you had too - and have now linked to your post!

  3. Tee hee. I just enlarged the pic and found a tiny peninsula marked "Attractive Myspace pages"

  4. And I still think arson is an extreme way of avoiding excercise...

  5. The attractive myspace pages bit made me laugh too :)
    And i know all about feeble attempts to get fit, i got given a bike 6 months ago and i've riden it all of 4 times! shocking!