16 April 2007

we r in ur ikeas eating all ur meatballz

I'm beginning to think that Ikea know full well when they've chosen a name that is going to make their more infantile customers snigger into their big yellow bags We were *cough* more restrained than that and anyways I had remembered to bring my big blue bag.

I think we were fairly successful we didn't source all the innovative storage solutions we were after but we got stuff for the kitchen, bedroom, a really really lovely dark purple duvet set and two throw cushions and a new floor lamp for the living room. We avoided buying the attractive, fun, but ultimately useless stuff that Ikea is so well known for. I was tempted for a short while by the multicultural, male, Russian dolls but sense and lack of space restrained me.


  1. My dream job would be working for Ikea thinking up the names for new products. Maybe a laundry basket called Gusset or a bookself called Flange...

  2. Or a mirror called Frak :-)
    Oh wait........

  3. The Pound hit the $2 mark. So for me, that "great deal" works out to not such a great deal. $1 for a hanger? I guess it would be cheap wire made in China hangers for me.

    Now if I want to go to the UK it will cost me even more. I knew I should have bought some Pound notes when the exchange rate was lower! Too late now.

    It sucks. But not so much for you. A trip to the USA is that much cheaper for you now.

  4. 8... 3 point 99 - that's bumerang! :-D

  5. I think the tag line 'solid wood' should be copyrighted... if only there was a trades description law for all areas of life - hey ho...

  6. oooh, they're selling multicultural, male, Russian dolls?

    i'm there