11 April 2007

LInkage 11 Apr 07

I keep thinking up bits of blog post but really not enough to hit the publish button for. I'm driving back and forth from Lynn to work, slowly getting used to the distances and the basic tedium of it. I think I'm going to get to know my music collection a lot better as I've found that I've been turning off Radio 4 news programmes this week, as I'm sick of the artificial sound and fury over the misguided decision to let the service personnel sell their stories. I'm really loving the new Kings Of Leon album - Because of the Times at the moment, I've got a bit of a soft spot for southern bluesy rock.

But I don't mean to give the minuta of my daily commute rather I thought I would do a quick upload of things what I have spotted recently

I still don't really get Second Life, it's too empty, slow and hard to use for me, but things like this, using Second Life to try influence the decision of the Paris council town planners struck me as a very good use for the technology. As they are about the first people to do this, it gets them publicity but more than that with a 3D representation of proposed designs for the garden it has the potential to really capture people's imagination and goodwill.

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