14 April 2007

Collecting the Collections

CD towers, originally uploaded by Jane Goth.

Today I've been mostly sorting out our CD collections and making them into one collection. And I really enjoyed myself I've been dying to get my hands on Simon's CD collection and have a proper look through it. There was remarkably little overlap so there are only a few CDs for Ebaying.

And then I made dinner, using a variation of a recipe I saw on Mid West Rock Lobster and very nice it was too. Now we are waiting for Doctor Who to start. So while we've been busy it's not been wildly exciting just a life bimbling along nicely.


  1. Beta Band! Blur! Bonzo Dog Band! Such taste. And all in alphabetical order as well.

  2. MC5, Dean Martin and Blur? Eclectic! I like it.

  3. Are they Ikea Bonde units? ;-)

  4. Those are my CDs there ;) Alphabetical because it's good for me.

    Connie one is benno from Ikea and the others are shameless copycats from Argos.