25 April 2007

Brain Like Mush

At the risk of being a driving bore; I'm having actual conversations about the routes I take to get to work for god's sake! In my defence I'm only answering questions I don't discuss this stuff willingly, what do you folks consider to be be good fuel economy? I'm getting about 43 mpg, that's a petrol engine but I don't know whether that is average or good.

I've getting fascinated with how many miles I can eke out of each full tank, partly because I'm mean and I don't want to spend any more than I have to and partly because there is a bit of me that feels guilty about adding to the atmospheric pollution and the better fuel economy I can get the less damage I add.

Becky always said that the commute between my old flat and Lynn gave her a chance to think up blog posts, think through the wording, and get the final article polished up in her brain before she got to the Lynn bypass. I'm finding the complete opposite, after driving to and from work my mind is a blank and any coherent thought I might have had has disappeared with the early evening mist.


  1. Now if you ask me 43 mega pixels seems pretty amazing, but then I know absolutely nothing about cars!!! Tracy on the other hand does... And apparently 43 is "Not too bad at all..."

  2. By USA standards, 43 MPG is just as good as a bicycle. I do not know what UK standards are like, but the last data I saw suggested the average vehicle in the USA gets about 20 mpg.

    This is about what my vehicle gets. Actually in the city I get slightly less than 20 mpg. The EPA rating says 18 mpg with city driving, but it all depends on how you drive. If you accelerate slowly and try to time the red lights so you do not come to a complete stop you can get better mileage.

    Your 43 miles per gallon is pretty good.

  3. Jane, have you thought of sleeping through your commute? It can be done, just keep one eye open and maintain a suitable bimbling speed

  4. I compose incredibly long blog posts on my commutes, the problem being that once I've spouted it all out of my gob to the invisible audience on the passenger seat, I've "got it out of my head" and the urge to write it passes. So I never type them up.

    If I had a voice-to-text thingy, my archives would be twice as big.

    Personally, on the MPG bit, I have no idea what my car does - I measure it in "miles per quid", which I seem to be getting 10 of at the moment.